Zotrim Weight Loss


ZOTRIM is a well-established herbal weight loss aid which has been on the market for over 16 years selling online and in major high street stores over the years. Now, Zotrim is exclusively available online.

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In recent years, Zotrim has been refreshed and now boasts an improved formula with new, brighter packaging and a fully functional website available in 7 languages.

Zotrim contains three South American plant extracts; Yerba Mate, Guarana and Damiana.


Studies have shown that,together, these herbs help to control hunger and increase satiety (the feeling of fullness). The newer formula also includes some added caffeine to help boost metabolism and also vitamins B3 and B6.

Zotrim comes in packs of 180 tablets (2×90 pocket containers) which is enough for up to 30 days supply. However, customers can purchases larger bundles at a discounted prices if they wish to order a longer supply.


Zotrim is also available in a drink form, called Zotrim Plus. This works in the same way as Zotrim but has the added benefits of the dietary fibre called inulin. Zotrim Plus can be used interchangeably with Zotrim tablets or on its own.

Zotrim Plus comes in a container of 30 servings and again can be ordered in larger bundles with added discount.

Benefits of the products:
● Backed by 5 clinical studies
● 10x expert approved papers
● 100% organic ingredients
● Vegan friendly